Michael Scheuer’s CIA Disinformation

‘Islamist terrorism aka War on Terrorism’ was a superhit TV series that ran for almost 25 years. Then, it was succeeded by ‘War against White Supremacist Terror’.

Where there were once ‘Middle East Experts’ and various ‘academic authorities on Islam’ populating the (((mass communications))) to rationalize the White man’s heroic struggle against rogue CIA officials like Bin Laden, Zawahiri, Zarqawi etc., there are now ‘gender experts’, ‘race relations offices’ etc., directing the ‘narrative’.

Banned Hipster

Michael Scheuer is an interesting guy. The head of CIA’s “Bin Laden unit” before and after 9/11, he became infamous writing a book, Imperial Hubris, critiquing the “War On Terror.” He maintained a public posture of strict non-interventionism and made sharp critiques of the Israel lobby and the Zionist entity itself.

But as with all CIA people, he’s a liar and a propagandist, as that is his job after all. As a young man reeling from 9/11, I bought his gimmick hook, line and sinker, but as I gained some wisdom I realized how all of his output was more or less just attempts to maintain the 9/11 official story.

He used a very effective type of lying; simply lying less than everyone else. At the time, the moronic conservatives were telling people that “radical Muslims” hated America “for our freedoms” and because women wore swimsuits at the beach. Scheuer…

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