Islam and the White Race – I

Note: What follows lacks the progression of a properly structured essay. I apologize to the reader in advance if he finds its disorderliness irritating.

I have been following dissident cyberspace for some time now. An ocean of audio-visual material, blog posts, e-books, etc., occupies my hard drive. The reason being that the critique of modernity that arises in the dissident sector aligns greatly with what we have been saying for years against the Ravanas of ‘enlightenment’ and ‘liberal reform’ in our part of the world. And then there is the English language which I happen to know as well as my mother tongue. Naturally, it makes the endeavor all the more interesting since I do not have to rely on secondary and biased sources to get familiarized with the subject at hand.

Our contact with the Western White races during the colonial era incubated an army of native ‘social reformers’, ‘rationalists’, ‘modernists’, etc. who pushed something which was purely historical [Renaissance, Enlightenment, etc.] as natural.

Thus, we were introduced with absurdities like:

-‘a modernist interpretation of Islam’,

-‘a scientific approach towards Quran’,

-‘too much religion took us no where; just look at the West how it abandoned superstition and moderated its religious opiate and attained such prosperity.’

That ‘prosperity’ [whatever that means] proved a poisoned chalice for the White race. Today, when it is facing ethno-cultural dispossession on its own soil, its spiritual arsenal lacks effective weapons to repulse highly organized and absolutely satanic assaults.

Now, many a writers, bloggers, vloggers, activists, etc. just consume sub-standard, intellectually lazy ‘critiques’ of Islam when displaying their anger towards continuous non-White migration into their territories.

They may counter this objection by saying, ‘why should we care?, what do we gain by caring about semantics?, we just don’t want Muslims on our lands; plain and simple.’

But precisely here lies the rub. ‘Muslim’ is a theological category. It is not racial.

(((Whoever))) first deployed phrases like ‘Islam vs the West’ or ‘Muslims are on the verge of taking over Europe’ in mass communications killed many birds with one stone.

It denied Whites a mobilization on the basis of race. A racial mobilization implies that the threat is first and foremost biological. And since ‘Islam’ & ‘Muslim’ are not biological terms, room could be made for those who oppose Islam but are not themselves necessarily White.

An equation like ‘Islam vs the West’ hollows out the White racial element from the term ‘the West’. Just as anyone can embrace Islam, likewise, anyone can also adopt the West and become Western.

Welcome to ‘civic nationalism’.

The battle has never been between Islam and the West. Islam is innate. It deals with the metaphysical dimension of the human nature. One can adhere to Islam and be a White Nationalist at the same time. There is no contradiction.

It was a mistaken view of history plain and simple perpetuated by Whiggish historiography; an approach that blurred many visions.

The battles, however, were ethnic/racial and tribal:

– Arabs VS the Germanic tribes of Hispania,

– Berbers VS Hispanic Celtics,

– Ottoman Turks [most of them were erstwhile Byzantine Romans and Greeks who gradually got Turkified when they adopted Islam] VS Greeks, Slavs, and Romanians.

– Berbers VS Franks

– Arabs VS Franks

(to be continued)

The Occident Has Blown its Brains Out

Today, the Western civilization (whatever that means now) manifests itself as ‘Desmond is Amazing’.

How did that happen?

Well, the West had been playing Russian roulette with itself with a fully loaded pistol for centuries. Every time the trigger was pulled, the firearm got jammed. Then, one fine morning it did not jam and the West blew its brains out.

No geographical region in recorded history, not even the mighty Mongols with all their territorial aggrandizement, held the fate of the world in its hands as firmly as the one occupied by the European races at the beginning of the 20th century.

Now, after almost 125 years which would be approximately five generations later, those same Western races are being self-annihilated at the hands of their Satan worshipping political elites.

The descent has been as unparalleled as was the ascent.

Things that are common sensical in spiritually healthy dwellings, today, invite Orwellian howls when uttered in the Occident.

Presently, sense can only be uttered in the Occident on ‘alternative platforms’.

Mechanized Vitality

In a mechanized civilization, every standstill of technology produces a feeling of intolerable emptiness in the technically organized peoples, a void in their lives which they cannot endure and from which they try to escape by intensified motion. The individual may bemoan the inexorable organization of time to which his day is subjected, he may curse the mechanical job to which he is tied, but at the same time he cannot be without his mechanical organization; he adheres to its pattern even in his amusements. Motion has a narcotic attraction for him in intoxicating power, particularly where the going is fast, where the speed is record-breaking. He needs this stimulant as an addict needs his drug to feel alive. He must always feel that something is going on, that he is participating in some action. Hence, his insatiable thirst for news, a thirst that no rotary press can quench. His concept of life is dynamic. He puts the highest value on life’s vitality, but this very evaluation betrays the growing hunger for life that torments the masses. Modern life is dominated by the consuming force of that hunger.

Friedrich Georg Jünger [The Failure of Technology, pg. 158]

Michael Scheuer’s CIA Disinformation

‘Islamist terrorism aka War on Terrorism’ was a superhit TV series that ran for almost 25 years. Then, it was succeeded by ‘War against White Supremacist Terror’.

Where there were once ‘Middle East Experts’ and various ‘academic authorities on Islam’ populating the (((mass communications))) to rationalize the White man’s heroic struggle against rogue CIA officials like Bin Laden, Zawahiri, Zarqawi etc., there are now ‘gender experts’, ‘race relations offices’ etc., directing the ‘narrative’.

اسلام و وحشی گری عرب

:از نظر من

عنوان نادرست است. آنها وحشی بودند. حق با شماست. اما نه به این دلیل که آنها مسلمان بودند. وحشی گری آنها از اسلام قدیمی تر بود. چرا اگر زمین بایر است ، باران رحمت را متهم کنیم؟ ماسه های فارس و خراسان از بیابانهای عربستان حاصلخیزتر بودند. بنابراین، این خاک همیشه مردان وفادار به پیام عالی پیامبر اکرم (ص ) و آئمہ معصومین (ع ) را تولید می کرد

وقتی آن قطرات باران را دریافت کرد ، فیلسوفان، مورخان، شاعران و دیگر استادان را به دنیا آورد مسلمان بودن و عرب بودن چیزهای کاملاً متفاوتی است

منم بندهٔ اهل بیت نبی (ص)

ستایندهٔ خاک و پای وصی (ع)

جناب ابوالقاسم فردوسی

Heidegger’s Being and Time

My take:

Heidegger was trying to revive the meditative mind in the Western tradition which had become disoriented in the glitter of the calculative mind. The vocabulary he deployed to communicate his thesis was bound to put off his readers because, perhaps, his receivers were and are largely metaphysically ill-prepared to appreciate the context. Now, interestingly, when I read his work in Persian or Arabic I instantly understand what he is up to, which, unfortunately, I can’t describe in English since it would again be a transference from a highly metaphysically alive tradition to a calculative, mechanized and technologically driven one.

ای غنچه خوابیده چو نرگس نگران خیز

ای غنچه خوابیده چو نرگس نگران خیز

کاشانهٔ ما رفت بتاراج غمان خیز

از ناله مرغ چمن از بانگ اذان خیز

از گرمی هنگامه آتش نفسان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

خورشید که پیرایه بسیمای سحر بست

آویزه بگوش سحر از خون جگر بست

از دشت و جبل قافله ها رخت سفر بست

ای چشم جهان بین بتماشای جهان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

خاور همه مانند غبار سر راهی است

یک ناله خاموش و اثر باخته آهی است

هر ذره این خاک گره خورده نگاهی است

از هند و سمرقند و عراق و همدان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

دریای تو دریاست که آسوده چو صحراست

دریای تو دریاست که افزون نشد و کاست

بیگانهٔ آشوب و نهنگ است چه دریاست

از سینه چاکش صفت موج روان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

این نکته گشاینده اسرار نهان است

ملک است تن خاکی و دین روح روان است

تن زنده و جان زنده ز ربط تن و جان است

با خرقه و سجاده و شمشیر و سنان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

ناموس ازل را تو امینی تو امینی

دارای جهان را تو یساری تو یمینی

ای بندهٔ خاکی تو زمانی تو زمینی

صهبای یقین در کش و از دیر گمان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

فریاد از افرنگ و دلآویزی افرنگ

فریاد ز شیرینی و پرویزی افرنگ

عالم همه ویرانه ز چنگیزی افرنگ

معمار حرم باز به تعمیر جهان خیز

از خواب گران خواب گران خواب گران خیز

از خواب گران خیز

اقبال لاهوری